By Nyana Kakoma | October 12th, 2020

Sooo Many Stories runs a children’s library, with a mission to nurture a generation of readers, thinkers and innovators. Targeting children under 15 years, the library holds a little over 600 titles with a goal of building a sustainable reading culture among children. The library includes classic children’s literature as well as stories from Columbia, Syria, Korea, India and the like. We want the children to see themselves in the literature and also be aware of the different children living full lives beyond their borders.

The library has been running on a monthly subscription model and delivers books to a place of the parents’ convenience.
During Covid, there has been a spike in demand for children’s books as parents have had to navigate homeschooling and keep their children engaged. But we also recognise that there are even more children who do not have access to books because of the financial situations in their homes.

With a small library that is currently inaccessible to under privileged children because of the subscription requirement, Sooo Many Stories would like your help with changing this reality. With extra resources, books can be made available to more children.

The Book My Dream campaign will help us expand the library and make books more accessible to children in Kampala that do not have access to books.

Please donate to the library and help us reach more children: DONATE TO THE SOOO MANY STORIES LIBRARY


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