By Faith Imokol | February 28th, 2018

The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a story about a giant whose wish is to dress up and be the smartest in the town. He finally gets a chance to buy a new shirt, tie, pair of trousers, and new shoes from a new shop that opens selling giant clothes. On his way home he finds various friends that need his help; a gold giraffe in need of a scarf to keep warm, a goat in need of a sail for his boat, a family of mice whose house burnt down, a fox who loses his sleeping bag and a dog who needs help crossing through some mud. He gives his friends a clothing item according to their needs and before long, he realises he has no clothes! He is cold and upset; even his normally cheery little tune fails to up his spirits. He goes back to the shop to get new clothes but finds it closed and winds up in his old scruffy clothes again. He could continue to be sad but he chooses to think of himself as the coziest giant in town in his old but warm clothes. In the end all the animals he gifted come together to thank him with a letter and name him the kindest giant in town.

The story teaches a lesson on sacrifice. It reminds children that sometimes being kind can be at your own expense; this is what true kindness entails. The giant’s eternal optimism reminds children that in almost every situation there is something to be grateful for. The illustrations in the book are bright and can help the younger children visualise the story and learn new words through pictures. The use of song and size of the words and pictures helps the children keep track of the story and memorise it. This book is best suited for children ages four to seven.

The book is available in our mobile children’s library. Call 0705711442/0788310999 to sign up the children in your life. 


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    March 10, 2018           Reply

    I love to read, write, sing and yes; tell tales.
    I am so inspired.

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      Hi Maria!

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