When you introduce yourself as a Ugandan, chances are, people are going to ask you about Idi Amin. Yes. That Amin. (Stephen Kiprotich and Anne Kansiime have tried their best to change that reputation and yet the 6ft 4in ghost of Amin still stands over our other achievements and mocks us.)

Now, when you introduce yourself as a Uganda writer, it is worse. Chances are no one has read anything by a Ugandan writer or if they have, it is only Okot P’Bitek.

This is the reason for this blog. To show you our literature. To remind everyone that we are here, we are writing, we are reading and we have sooo many stories to tell.



p.s: All photos (unless otherwise stated) are by the incredibly talented Edward Echwalu and Darlyne Komukama. (Thank you Edward and Darlyne for letting us associate ourselves with your genius). Check out the stories behind their photos on their blogs:  Echwalu Photography and Darlyne Komukama Photography.

p.p.s: Submit fiction, poetry, folktales, legends and myths, fables, book reviews, events and event reviews, film reviews, excerpts of plays and long works of fiction to kaboozi@somanystories.ug

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